Weight Loss Programs

All of our programs center around our weight loss program. This revolutionary program is professionally managed and is all natural. Our goal is to help your body burn excess fat while preserving good fats and lean muscle tissue.

scienceicon The Science of Weight Loss
Weight loss as a science is really quite simple. It is in practice that most weight loss programs fail. The key to successful weight loss is a low calorie diet. When your body needs calories it will go to your fat reserves and thus burn fat.
problemicon The Problem with Other Programs
Other programs try to accomplish this affect by putting you on a low calorie, pre-packaged food program or by trying to artificially boost your metabolic rate through strenuous exercise or weight loss pills. These programs may work in the short time but always fail when your metabolic rate adjusts to these changes.
differenticon How Soza is Different
Our program seeks to balance your metabolism in a way that won’t leave you feeling hungry. The Soza program puts your body to work burning abnormal fat while leaving the structural fat that gives you your intended natural shape in place. Did you know that one pound of fat contains 3,000 calories. Starving yourself won’t burn off pounds of fat. It will only make you tired and hungry.

We don’t even require additional exercise because we want your body to adjust to the changes in your diet based on your current activity routines and metabolic rates. This allows you to continue to maintain a healthy weight without introducing artificial stimulants, strenuous exercise or starving your body.