How It Works

Our system involves all natural proprietary supplements that have been shown to suppress appetite and curb cravings.* This, along with a low fat diet based around fruits and vegetables with lean proteins from chicken, beef and fish helps your body to burn fat. One pound of fat contains over 3,000 calories. Our system helps your body to attack these fat stores* while teaching you to eat healthier foods. We don’t ask clients to starve themselves or take risky diet pills that have stimulants. We teach you portion control without the stress of calorie counting. You learn techniques to maintain this rapid weight loss for the rest of your life!

Our Weight Loss Program In a Nutshell

scaleicon We see how much you need to lose and devise a plan to get there
energyicon We give you proprietary and all natural formulations to combat cravings and give you energy
foodplanicon We put you on a real food plan that teaches you to eat properly
weightpic We follow your progress with measurements and weigh-ins
maintenanceicon We offer a free maintenance plan for 3 weeks following the program

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are based on theories and observations observed by the Soza clinic medical staff.

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